Your Facebook is you new CV!!!

Your CV, whether based on a template from Microsoft database or carefully architected to show the best in you, might become an obsolete methodology of assessing you as a potential employee in a company!!

A survey carried out by a major job site "" showed that 22% of hiring managers do check the applicants' social networking profiles to better write down a shortlist of candidates!! 9% said that they will soon be doing the same.

This means that pretty soon one in three interviewers will probably be holding a print out of your Facebook profile instead of your CV. I would imagine questions they'll ask will be something like; "So, you say here that Matchbox Twenty is one of your favourite bands. Why is that? Are you a sarcastic person?" Or, "I've seen so many guys on your friends' list as opposed to girls! Are you Gay or something?!?"

So, after reading a lot of, and listenting to even more tips on how to build your CV, now you need to know how to make your facebook (Originally a way out of your reality, and a way to stay in touch with your friends) employer friendly!!

Those control freaks said that things which make them drop a candidate from a shortlist were some of the following:

1. Posted information about drinking habits and the use of drugs.
2. Information or photos of a Provocative nature.
3. Poor communication skills (I still don't know how they measure that! English?)
4. Discriminatory remarks related to race, gender, or religion.
5. An unprofessional screen name!!
6. Lying about qualifications.

However, factors which make them decide favorably on a specific candidate where:
1. A background supporting the candidate's qualification.
2. Good communication skills.
3. A site conveying a professional image. Seriously, who wants to be professional on facebook?!?
4. A wide range of interests.

Now it looks like people will start censoring their Facebook, friendster, Myspace, etc accounts to avoid being totally screwed up by them.
At one point of time, I had a feeling that the CIA can make a good use of it, but i never thought employers will start looking at these things.

For middle easterners it's probably still early to worry about that, because most of the short listing is still based on what is known as (Vitamin Waw), but the future can never be too far!

I'm going to work on my facebook right away.


khalid jarrar said...

you might want to check this:

Ehab said...

You know, I probably won't go as far as saying it's a company's policy! CIA policy that is. Because if that's true, then any dream of freedom or personal space is gone!!

However, I do believe that some of their employees actually do it, as an initiative from their side for a deeper search on the guy they are checking out!