Status Update

Weather: 2.5
Nothing much changed for the past two weeks. Still, it is not that hot during the night, which means I can walk outside without hating that I was ever born!

Health: 5
No Cough!! But I’m losing weight!! What a waste of resources.

Finance: 6
Again, same forecast as two weeks ago! I actually thought of having this review before Eid, because I’m not going the bloody money leak affect my score!!

Social: 6.5
Yesterday, I had a nice iftar with the company, in the awesome The Palace Hotel, in Burj Dubai Downtown!. What a nice hotel. Today, I’m having a big FAT Iftar with the Gang!! So these two deserve a 0.5-point push!

Professional: 9
Still good.

Insomnia: 4
Slightly better than last week! And it is promising of getting even better.

Overall: 5.5
So, out of the red zone! And into the Yellow-reddish one! I’m contemplating starting a revolution during Eid Holidays. The scene is set. I just need to take advantage!

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