Abbas should apply for an Israeli Passport

This generation has lived log enough to see various manifestations of
defeatism in the spirit and actions of our "so-called leaders". We've
also read about conspiracies and policies solely aimed at protecting
regimes and thrones. Still, politicians had a sense of shame. Or maybe
political acumen which will prevent them from committing political
suicide! Not that it would matter, nor that it will affect their seats
and thrones, but to win some extra naïve heads amongst this
hibernating nation! And there are quite a few of them.

Abbas and his PA will go down in history as the first Palestinian to
authorize and bless the killing of fellow Palestinians by the Israeli
war machine. 1,400 deaths are not worthy of the lamest possible
support from his side.

He didn't do the invistagtion, the UN did. And as a shameful head of
the PA he Vetoed the only break the Palestinians had to prove to the
international community that the Israeli government is made of a bunch
of thugs and criminals.

I bet you that if the UN report concluded that the Palestinians "
through Hamas" were the ones to commit those atrocities he would have
thrown his support behind it.

It is such a sad thing to live to see such an embarrassment. If he
wants to save some face I suggest e applies for an Israeli passport
and get it over with.