You can hear people saying sometimes, I wish there is a pill to erase bad memories, but how did you know that what happened an hour or two ago is going to be a bad memory? maybe it's a bad experience, but you can't say it's a bad memory until you remember it after a long time, and you feel really bad when you do, then you can call it a bad memory. And I think that it's hard to have a bad memory.

a couple of days ago I was looking at some old photos, some of these photos were taken in really bad times, but much to my surprise, it was the photos that I smiled the most when I looked at. I've always thought these were bad memories of bad days, but they weren't, as I said earlier these were just some bad experiences, and those bad experiences along with the good and successful ones are what made me who I am now, these are the bricks that built my personality.

We've always thought that school times are the worst, we've always prayed to god days and nights for these days to be over, at prom night, we were the happiest people on earth and we thought that the worst is over, and now the easy life will begin.

After going to university, we found out that it's not as easy as we thought, in fact, it was harder than school time, you are older now, people will expect more from you, and not just that, it's actually the first step towards the real life, so it had to be in the right direction. But how would you know the right direction? you never know, you just speculate. So here we are again praying to god for these days to end, we wanted to start working, because we thought it's going to be easier.

With high hopes we finish collage, we celebrate it and put ourselves to sleep, dreaming about the brighter tomorrow, but guess what? it's real life now, you can't pray for it to end too, because it will mean the end of your life. It's hard, hard work, fake smiles and friendships, full of backstabbing and double crossings, we curse it everyday, and yet after sometime, you look at those days, the days you spent at your old job, and smile, and think it wasn't that bad.

And i say it now, it's not that bad, no matter how hard it is, it is still not that bad. Now just to be clear here, I was not talking about school or university days as whole, I was just talking about the bad days, and so is life after college.

Something that is worth mentioning by the way, I am really surprised with how much I wrote about this, when I started I didn't even have anything to write, but as soon as I started, I didn't stop to think of the next word at all. And I'm not really sure about what's going on here, because i'm not usually romantic like this :-s

Something tells me that I'll come back to this post few days later, and realize that it was something Forrest Gump had probably said while sitting on that bench talking to the old lady and waiting for that bus! yea.. that bus, the one that was supposed to take him to the place he wanted to be the most.

Today's Dose of Wisedom: Knowledge

Albert Einstein:
Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.

Benjamin Spock:
Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply!

Kahlil Gibran:
A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle.

Leonardo da Vinci:
Anyone who conducts an argument by appealing to authority is not using his intelligence; he is just using his memory.

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Michael Jackson, he was...

He was an icon.. He was an innovator.. He was unique.. he was an entertainer.. He was deep.. he was vain.. he was popular.. yet he was lonely.. he was loved, yet he was despised. He was a source of pride, and of shame.

He was neither black nor white. People looked up to him, yet he was no role model. He was a man, yet he was a child.. and he loved children, maybe a little too much.

He did a lot of good things, and equally bad ones. He is a manifestation of every flaw a human being has, and a live example of how one can make his own destiny. It was a great one, but it was ill-fated.

Michael was a phenomenon.. He was a star!! He lived like a star. shone brighter and brighter everyday.. exploded with energy until he eventually imploded and turned into a black hole!!

We made him a legend!! just as we did with Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hindrix!!.. Remember how they died?!?

We only glorify those who destroy themselves!! I wonder what that says about us.. and what that makes them!

People loved him, and others believed he was a freak!!

Scraps about politics! Risk and Nothing Else!

It's very hard to be blogging these days. At least for me! Being a person who has a keen interest in politics because of how it impacts our lives I find it very hard to write about it more and more everyday, because it feels like in 99% of times we are on the losing end. If you consider the exception of Hezbollah that percentage might actually go higher.

It's funny and equally pathetic to know that the only victories we score are in some irrelevant quarrels amongst us, and even in that case we end up losing sometimes. A perfect example would be the brotherly relationship between Jordan and Qatar, or the new Middle Eastern Allies vs Axis situation.

I wonder if politicians have a huge Risk Board game in some room -probably in the Monarch Hotel in Dubai- where they sit around a big table, each one of them carrying his colored pawns "us", and wondering where he should be putting his reinforcements, while another is contemplating exchanging his 3 Cards for a Blitzrig of Soldiers! In Iran's case nobody really knows if its collection of cards can actually yield anything, while Israel will always be drafted a Wild card, and the Palestinians will never manage to add another card to their limbing collection because it's been a long time since they achieved any advances on any front!

I think it's high time for someone to show up and spank all of those players on the back of their heads!.. Maybe they'd realize that life isn't simply a Risk Game!!


Stereotypes Moment: Egyptians

An egyptian can sell you a bean for a Cyclotron. You'll only find out when you're left with no other choice but to eat it!!

Ten things you need to know about your Arab!

There are certain things you need to know about Arabs. These are essential, and it is important to take them straight from Arabs, or from those who lived with Arabs. I'd say they'd be a more reliable source of information than CNN, FOX, SKY, Jack Powers...etc

Remember, these are basic, and are overwhilmingly standard among Arabs. So, here we go:

1) 90% of Arabs don't eat pork. They do so because 90% of Arabs are Muslims, and it's in their religion that they shouldn't eat pork, not because they hate you or don't want to be like you.

2) Arabs don't hate Americans' or Europeans' way of life! Actually we don't mind it. Some of actually live by it, and those who don't enjoy watching it on TV. We are just a little bit attached to our style of life, and we don't want some redneck like G.W.B to come and force a change on us.

3) Arabs don't hate Jews. If you check our genetic tree you will not find a gene that automatically enduces hate towards them. Actually, until 1920's we were getting a long just fine ans Andalucia, Morrocco, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq and Yemen are a testament to that. It's just a little bit hard to get a long with somebody who is occupying your house and living on your land, while occassionally getting a little bit naughty and killing a bunch of your own people.

4)Those Arabs you call middle easterns, are actually Cauccaisans. In other words WHITE!. Outside the middle east you have other types of arabs in Sudan & North Africa. They are ethnically black or Amazigh, and we love them just as much.

5) Just to emphasize point #3; Arabs are not anti-Semitic. For the very simple an obvious reason: Arabs Are Semitic.

6)Arabs usually, like in 95% of cases, have one wife! So, asking the same old question on how many women a guy is married to is not funny and is actually considered stupid and insulting.

7) When we pray we don't carry spears.

8)If somebody tells you he's Kanaanite, he is an Arab, Akkadian, he is an arab, A Pharoah, he is an Arab, a phoenician, he is an Arab, Lebanese, yes believe it or not he is an arab.

9) Arabs don't want to convert you. We don't care if you are Jewish, Christian, Buddahist, Bahaaist, or whatever. We just want you to let us be, mind your own business and we will mind ours.

10)People you might have seen in Jad Choueiri "Cool/Funky Arabs" are probably arabs, but they are neither representatives nor apologists for the rest of us. They are just a bunch of people with too much time on their hands and you can find people like these anywhere in the entire world. So please don't think that we are as cool or carefree as the Jamaicans!