Michael Jackson, he was...

He was an icon.. He was an innovator.. He was unique.. he was an entertainer.. He was deep.. he was vain.. he was popular.. yet he was lonely.. he was loved, yet he was despised. He was a source of pride, and of shame.

He was neither black nor white. People looked up to him, yet he was no role model. He was a man, yet he was a child.. and he loved children, maybe a little too much.

He did a lot of good things, and equally bad ones. He is a manifestation of every flaw a human being has, and a live example of how one can make his own destiny. It was a great one, but it was ill-fated.

Michael was a phenomenon.. He was a star!! He lived like a star. shone brighter and brighter everyday.. exploded with energy until he eventually imploded and turned into a black hole!!

We made him a legend!! just as we did with Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hindrix!!.. Remember how they died?!?

We only glorify those who destroy themselves!! I wonder what that says about us.. and what that makes them!

People loved him, and others believed he was a freak!!

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