Scraps about politics! Risk and Nothing Else!

It's very hard to be blogging these days. At least for me! Being a person who has a keen interest in politics because of how it impacts our lives I find it very hard to write about it more and more everyday, because it feels like in 99% of times we are on the losing end. If you consider the exception of Hezbollah that percentage might actually go higher.

It's funny and equally pathetic to know that the only victories we score are in some irrelevant quarrels amongst us, and even in that case we end up losing sometimes. A perfect example would be the brotherly relationship between Jordan and Qatar, or the new Middle Eastern Allies vs Axis situation.

I wonder if politicians have a huge Risk Board game in some room -probably in the Monarch Hotel in Dubai- where they sit around a big table, each one of them carrying his colored pawns "us", and wondering where he should be putting his reinforcements, while another is contemplating exchanging his 3 Cards for a Blitzrig of Soldiers! In Iran's case nobody really knows if its collection of cards can actually yield anything, while Israel will always be drafted a Wild card, and the Palestinians will never manage to add another card to their limbing collection because it's been a long time since they achieved any advances on any front!

I think it's high time for someone to show up and spank all of those players on the back of their heads!.. Maybe they'd realize that life isn't simply a Risk Game!!


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