Interview with the Vampire (Local Edition)

I walked in, switched off my mobile, took out my wallet and handed them to the guy at the gate.

I got on the bus, curtains down. I wasn't supposed to look outside, and so I didn't. Then we reached the next building. Got inside, got searched again. and then we were taken to a big waiting room. Actually small, with no windows, but the crowd was big.

A guy walked in, called a couple of names. Mine was one of them. Come with me, he said.

To another waiting room. This one is smaller, but we have windows this time.

I looked at the others with me, one of them was a saudi wearing what used to be a white deshdash! complaining about how he has to visit this "Hotel" everytime he crosses the border. Seemed little worried though, as if he got acquainted with the people there.

The other guy, looked pretty much like me. But for some reason he asked for the prayer carpet maybe 5 times in 1 hours! Probably to confirm their doubts!!!

A wanna-be scary guy comes in every now and then and calls a name, and a guy goes with him!.. Soon, it was my turn.

I went with a guy to a room. An empty one, save a small chair next to the door, and a small desk at the other end of the room.

I was asked to sit next to the door, and so I did. He went to the desk.

He: sit down Ehab.

I: Thank you.

He: What's your name?!!!!

I: "Duh!" Ehab!!

He wrote it down, while covering the paper by another! Obviously, me seeing him writing my name has unprecedented consequences.

He (The All knowing): So!! shoooo? You are really good with internet, Ha? "associated with a raised eyebrow"

I: Not really, I just know how to surf!.. "I was wondering when did it become a felony".

He: We know you are a trouble maker!

I: "Smile" Allah ysamhak, I'm actually a poor guy!

The All knowing: We know all your friends, and the girls and the boys you knew in university, and your activities. So there is no need to lie!

The voice inside my head: Gosh!! Thank god you told me! I Was actually planning on lying about my tricks addiction, and the nights I spent terrorising my friends with the Heart's King!!

I: since you know everything, you know I never did anything.

The all knowing: What about the internet story!

The voice inside his head: God I'm good. he's gonna crack!!

I: It was proved that I had nothing to do with it. I was just a victim.

The voice inside his head: I wonder what (El Mara) my wife cooked today!?!?

He: So, tell me Ehab. If you see something wrong would you tell us?

I "slighly surprised": Tell who?

He: US!

I "less surprised": Wrong like what?

He "A bit agitated, probably because he couldn't guess what his wife is cooking today": something wrong, anything. You know, that will harm the country!

I "Now, not surprised at all": Well, I will definitely go to the next police station and tell them, if someone was robbing a place, or assualted someone!

He " More agitated now": NO! Tell us, you can tell us.

The voice inside my head: This is going to be really funny!

I: Why would I bother coming all the way here! " I really think twice before I got to Mecca Mall" When I can report the wrong doing to the next police station or police car!

He: It seems you don't want to cooperate!?

I: Who said so!

He: You don't want to help me!

I: I don't care about you, I care about the country. So, If I see something wrong, I'll tell the police.

He: No, I want you to call me.

I: OK, give me your number and I'll see.

The voice inside his head: I'm going to buy myself a new mobile, I'm really fed up with this one! I want Polyphonic tones!

He: NO, we will call you.

He: OK, you can go... But watch out for yourself.

I: Thank you.

I left the room, the building, got off th bus, took my mobile, took my wallet and car keys. Went outside the main gate. Switched on my mobile, called my father.

I: I'm out.

Father: Obviously!

I: See you soon.

Father: Salam.

I: Salam.

5 days later, I also left the country!.

It actually reminds me of Hotel California!!

Remember the part.

you can check out anytime you like
But you can never leave!!


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