Sarah Palin vs Britney Spears

The subject here is not the American elections or politics. Personally I’m not a fan of either. But reading about Sarah Palin, the scandals around her family and how it takes all the headlines in the newspapers or even on the internet. Brought back to my mind what happened months ago when Britney Spears has gone wild, and all the talking about her being on and off, in rehab out of rehab, and how she occupied the top headlines in the major newspapers and internet news sites. The point is, after I read about all of this, the question that instantly came to my mind, was, Are we talking about the United State of America's president election, or the USA high school president? Or maybe life is a more complicated version of high school, I'm syre that Sarah Palin was "popular" at high school, so as Britney. To tell you the truth I'll be waiting for the day when Britney or maybe Paris Hilton end up being presidential candidate, and who knows, maybe one of them will be the Democratic candidates and the other heads the Republican, and you know what's funny about that? It's The Strongest Country In The World...
What do you think?

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