Eve's most elusive question answered... through science!!

The shutter covering the biggest enigma that has haunted Eve's life throughout history might have been finally revealed. Not through the countless romantic movies and soap operas the whole world was bombarded with!! From America, france, Arab world, Mexico, and finally Turkey!!

Why is he so detached! distant! Why doesn't he make a move! Why is he as frigid & indifferent as a mummy!!

Well, the answer is, it's not you!! It's me. This answer was always conceived as a screen men display to hide behind, and divert eve's attention from what is really going on!!

But a group of scientists from Sweden (Geeks is the word mostly used to describe them) have found out that the reason why some men behave in the way that annoys their partners the most is actually caused by their genetic archeticture!!.

Funny how answers to your questions come from the least expected source, ha!!

Those guys from Karolinska Institue studied the DNA of the XY coded creatures and have come up with this very interesting conclusion!!

Two positives, though, can be the next refuge for optimistic females:

1. The findings are considered to carry with them a Revolutionary Benefit!! Whatever that means
2. The infamous Gene is a small part of the whole process. Having a happy marriage, that is.

So, when the guy utters the famous line "it's not you!! It's me", he be might actually saying the truth, for a change!

This whole thing reminds of a saying, and I don't remember where I read it. But it goes something like this
"Men marry hoping that their women will not change, and they do! Women marry hoping their men will change, and they don't!!"

For those interested in the scientific details, you can follow the link below

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