Afghanistan's Biggest Crisis

It was on the top news on the BBC Arabic TV, and it wasn’t just a headline, they published a full report and interviews on that crisis.

Before telling you what was the crisis that will destroy Afghan’s future, let’s take a brief look on Afghan’s past and present.

In 1979, the Soviet invaded Afghanistan with more than 10000 troops backed by anther 10000 from the Parcham faction. The Soviet occupation resulted in the killing of 60000 to 2 million Afghan civilians, 5 millions fled the country to it’s neighbors and other parts of the world. The Soviet troops withdrew in 1989, that’s when the civil war started.

The civil war continued until 1994, that’s when 10000 people where killed and Taliban developed as a politico-religious force, in 1996 Taliban seized Kabul and by the end of the year 2000 Taliban has controlled 95% of the country.

In 2001, the US troops invaded Afghanistan backed by the NATO forces and occupied Kabul, the occupation is still present in Afghanistan, hundreds of people die every day, and millions have been killed within 30 years.

So, from the above information, we can see that Afghanistan has been a happy country since forever, it has a strong economy and stable political environment these days and has reached the top of the world, only one problem they still can’t solve, THERE ARE NO ACTRESSES IN AFGHANISTAN.

Yes, the biggest challenge that faces Afghan’s government and social agencies is to find more actresses to work in the Afghan cinema. In one of the interviews on the BBC, a movies producer was talking about this “CRISIS” and he got so emotional, I felt that he was going to cry, the poor guy couldn’t find a woman to part in his latest movie.

I know it’s not that important subject to write about, but I just find it really frustrating how these so called artists tries to act like they are living in a deferent world, a world full of rainbows and butterflies. And please don’t get me started on the Iraqi artists.

No offence to any nationality, I think there are an uncountable number of issues we have to take care of before we start searching for actresses for the “poor” Afghan producer.

And BBC, you should know better….

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