Ramadan experience, Dubai Style!

In Saudi, People prayed, read Quran, went to the mosque.. and kids used to play in the street until the dawn prayer.

In Jordan, people prayed less, read Quran, Got excessively angry, went to Ramadani tents.. and kids tortured everyone with their fire crackers!

In Dubai, A female colleague of mine offered me a donut today in the office!!... in the streets, girls are still competing who is wearing the skimpiest skirt... and kids!! .... Well, I still can't get over the donut incident!

It's so hard to fast in this country! The only thing different in Ramadan is that coffee shops are over populated, because it's a dry night every night through out the month, and bars are closed!

Funny how manners have sunk to record depths!!

As weird as it may sound, I miss Saudi!

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