The Forgotten Millions - 30 years in the wrong direction

Thirty years ago, Iraq announced that there are NO iletirate people in the country. So, to be on the safe side, I'd say the literacy rate was more than 95%, and Iraq was going through what I would dare to call a renaissance.

Now, in the twenty first century, the new statistics are:

1 Million divorced women
2 Million Widows
4 Million Iletirate

Was it because of the 8-year war between iraq and iran?
Was it because of the Gulf war?
Was it beacause of the decade-long economical seige the world enforced on Iraq?
Was it because of the American invasion of Iraq?
Or, Was it because of the ongoing occupation, and the mess associated with it?

No matter the reason, or the excuses. No promise, no goodwill, nothing, can make us escape the bleak outlook of the Civilization of Iraq! A whole generation has been lost, and all we can say is God saves the one coming.

Iraq has always bounced back. History is there for everyone to see! This nation never dies. Shame on those who think it will, and shame on the world for watching while all sorts of dogs, and vultures tried to kill it.

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