.... Thursday!!

25,000 people lost their jobs at Lehman Brothers, some 40 of those are based here in Dubai, in the DIFX!! Their office was operational only for a short period, before the doors were locked and visitors were not allowed in. It seems like the current crisis is causing a premature climax & END OF THE STORY!

Interestingly enough those 40+ will not be asked to leave the country, as other unemployed exapts are! They will be given financial assistance, and their kids tuition fees will be covered by the government!!! Some big financial institutions have started interviewing them, and some already joined other companies!

And you people say that traders have no heart!! This is so sweet of them!... Is oprah Involved in this?

OR, are they that desparate to keep people pouring in?! Especially after what has been said about 90% of foreign funds being pulled out of UAE!

This last piece of information I heard from someone, and I need to verify!!

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