Trading The Financial Markets: The Arabic Version

I was reading through the internet and talking to people (you know in everyday life) couldn’t help but notice that all those who posted comments or wrote articles about trading in the financial markets, they all agree that whoever works in the financial markets is fraud, that's not true, guys we have got to open up a little, most of the Jordanians thinks that these markets are like gambling, well, if you wanna gamble sure you can, but it also stands on a very strong scientific ground, it's a real science.

The second thing I've noticed, is that most of us think it's vague, no one really know what's going on, that's not true either, it's so clear and you can easily figure out how you made your money or how you lost them, but what makes it vague is that 90% of those who "invest" in these markets don't know anything about investing or about the financial markets, yes when a taxi driver takes his children’s food money and go gamble it in the markets and loose it that’s what I’m talking about, and no offence taxi drivers! It was just an example, so the normal result is that they not understand what's going on and think that everyone wants to rope their money.

In most of the (developed) countries there is something called Funds, these funds collect money from those who don’t have time to trade and study the markets or who don’t have the knowledge or the resources to trade in the markets, they pool the money they collected and starts trading or more investing it, and as a reward they take part of the profit, there are many kinds of funds which defer by the investing strategy, I will be post more about these funds later, but for now, for the love of God people open up and start taking responsibility for your mistakes.

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