Status Update

This is a periodic reminder of the dangling state of one's life! Hence the category name. It should be interesting checking it every once in awhile, and see how you felt during a certain point of time!!

Who knows, you might find a pattern!.. Probably then I'll understand what they mean by a down period!!

Anyway, without further due, here are the current scores! (on a scale from 1 to 10)

Weather: 2
Basically, it doesn't get worse than this! Once I step out, I started sweating like a pig!!.. God I hate sweating!
Health: 3
Been coughing since my last trip to Jordan! Not pleasant, I feel like my late grandfather! Or more like Ali!!
Finance: 6
Things are so stable! It shouldn't be, A fastening of the built scheme is currently under study.
Social: 6
Calm on all fronts! Can't complain though, it is Ramadan, and it is Dubai.
Professional: 9
Finally out of the shit hole! Just hope I don't lurch into another.
Insomnia: 2
This is serious stuff!.. It's 3:52 am now. This has to stop before next Sunday.

Overall: 4.7
Not so impressive. Makes sense though, that's exactly how I feel right now, I feel like a 4.7


Ali said...

For me it goes like this:

Weather 4
Health 3 (As you said like ALI)
Finance 4.5
Social 2 (new in the country, starting from scratch)
Professional 8
Insomnia 4.5

So, Overall= 4.33333333 (based on simple average calculations)

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing idea!
I might steal it if you don't mind.

Hope your mood skips the 5 boundary. :)

Ehab said...

I hope so!!

Health can't can only go up! social.
Weather, well it is getting cooler so also on the way up!!

So yea, i think i can break the 5 barrier in a few days :).

And you are more than welcome to steal it. Spread the word bro! :)

Anonymous said...

you know thing remind me of a game called The SIMS :)