Political Assassination of a singer

I wasn't a fan of Suzan Tamim. I remember I liked one of her songs, and thought she was georgous. But that's about it. However, a murder is a murder, and a victim is a wasted soul! She was killed savagely by a cool-hearted gold digger!

What made the story even more contravorsial and SAD, are the stories suggesting that a very important businessman, who is also an egyptian MP, and a senior member of the ruling party in Egypt paid 2 millions to a thug to commit his crime!!

This story is rubbed in our faces along with the trials that the Egyptian authorities are making to conceal tha facts!

The below quote is from the Daily newspaper Gulfnews' website

"Meanwhile, three journalists from a newspaper in Cairo have been referred for questions for violating a ban on publishing a report about investigations with suspects arrested on charges of murdering Tamim. Al Dustour carried a report that two hotel security men from Cairo had confessed to killing her on behalf of an Egyptian client. One said they received $2 million for the job.
Sunday's edition of the paper disappeared from the market, officials said. The main story on the newspaper's website has the headline "Is a major Egyptian personality involved in the murder of the Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim?""

I say we (in the arab world) are in safe hands! The wheel of progress and development is running smoothly! and in 7,000,000 years we will be as good as or even better than the 1st world! Our politicians are focusing on the right stuff!!

I just hope all this turns out to be a rumor, and that this politician turns out to be innocent! Just for the sake of our sanity!

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