Sarah Palin & The middle East

For someone who thinks that whatever the outcome of the American Elections will not make a difference for the people in the Middle East, I think I'm reading way too much about it. But some things you just can not avoid! For example, there is Sarah Palin, who seems to be a popular choice among the Americans, who also saved McCain and raised his approval ratings.

Colored text below, are some facts stated on the (The Nation) website. It broadens our horizon regarding Sarah.

Sarah Palin took the biblical Queen Esther as her role model when she became governor, according to her former pastor--a report that suggests her ties to Jewish history are stronger than you might have expected.

Tough luck for the Palestinians!

the beautiful Jewish queen who persuaded the Persian king to save the Jews from annihilation and instead let them kill their enemies. The story is celebrated by Jews annually in the Feast of Purim.

Fair enough.

Another says "Every once in a while a woman comes along who is made for the times. Sarah Palin is such a woman. . . . Another woman, Esther, was brought on the scene by God at just the right time. God's timing was perfect for he used Esther to save the Jews"--and now he is using Palin to save the Republicans.
One problem with this view -that God sent Palin the way He sent Esther -- is that the Book of Esther never mentions God. It never says God sent Esther to save His people, or even that Esther's belief in God gave her the power to defeat her enemies. Somebody should point this out to the fundamentalists.

Now, here is the thing! For people who are avid supporters of secularism, and also critics of the arab "extremists" who "blatantly and shamelessly make everything about religion and Islam". How can you be a supporter of such an extremist & Fundamenalist character!?

The implications for Palin's Iran policy are clear. In the Bible, after the Jews are saved from annihilation, and after the first day of Jewish revenge against their enemies, the King tells Esther the Jews have killed 500 people, and asks what she wants to do next. Esther says she wants permission for a second day of killing - so the king grants the Jews the right "to destroy, to slay, and to cause to perish the entire host of every people and province that oppress them, small children and women, and to take their spoils for plunder."
The Bible says the Jews then killed 75,000 more of their enemies. It doesn't say anything about Jewish casualties, which makes it seem like a one-sided slaughter. (This part usually doesn't get mentioned at the Purim carnival.)

I just think the world is not fair! I mean, reading about these things, and then watching CNN, Sky & Fox news makes me wonder, who is taking religion way too seriously when it comes to politics?! Americans, or the rest of the world?

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