You know! I've been searching for a role model my whole life. Somebody to give me guidance every step of the way! Because you know, life is so complicated. It can grind you, and turn you into a half-chewed peanut! Especially when family is involved!

And so, MTV Arabia, the new innovative & groundbeaking TV channel introduced to us someone arguably the best since Mr. Perfect, to show us what is it like to run a family, and how to pick the best for your kids!

Hulk Hogan, ladies & gentlemen! The ultimate father! The ultimate family man!

This is a guy who was big enough a loser that he couldn't manage a career in acting or sport, and ended up starring in that pathetic so-called sport which we know as WWF! Now I know that there are a lot of people who enjoy watching it, but I assume they know it's just bad acting! Low budget versions of the Hulk, Superman, or even Rocky! Those who believe it's actually real, make me want to shoot myself in the head.

Hulk Hogan knows best! This is the best joke of 2008! A WINNER!... Exactly how low will the TV industry go!

I bet you that Carmen Electra or Jenna Jameson will soon have her reality TV show called The Perfect Mother!

A radio station in Dubai, which airs a daily commercial for the show, had to fine tune it after the latest twists in that screwed-up family's life! Instead of inviting us to tune in to watch Hogan run the family in the BEST way possible, now they are inviting us to see how the way he ran the family led to its break up! As in teaching us a lesson!

But what do I know?!!? Media Knows Best!

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