Smiling Face or World War II...?

Whenever you see a clock or a watch in an advertisement or on a display, you see the time displayed is 10:10, so what is the deal with time?

There are three possible stories to justify this,

1- To "frame" the logo of the watch maker. The hands at that number cause the eyes to look right at the logo!
2- The hands on the dial indicating 10:10 also represent a smiling face, sells better than watches indicating e.g. 08:20.
3- During the Second World War, Japan was the main manufacturer of clocks and watches, and when the US bombed Hiroshima islands, the impact of the explosion was so much that all the clocks and watches stopped at that particular time, and that time was 10 minutes past 10. So, in order to mark the gruesome bombings and remember the same, all over the world the clocks and watches at any shop show this time.

A lot of people supports the third story as the actual reason for that, I myself, support the “frame the logo” story, I don’t know, it just makes more sense to me than the other romantic stories.

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