Who needs to worry about the Palestinian Refugees? Jordan, Lebanon, or Israel?

Everybody claim knowing right from wrong
Everybody claim truth is on their side
Everybody think they have the moral right to mourn others
and, absolutely everybody think they can criticize everyone.

Haartz Newspaper, takes a deep look at the reaction of Jordan & Lebanon to the wide variety of proposals for the Palestinian Refugee's problem, that Israel throws at the world every now and then. As though they are probing which of the totally meaningless suggestions they make about the issue is least obnoxious!

Thereafter, comes a newspaper, one of their own, to dissect the origion and analyze the psychology behind any reaction their exhausted neighbors develop!

Jordan is insecure about its identity.
Lebanon is keenly aware of the religious & ethnic imbalance issue they have.

But what about Israel! A country which based its whole existence on a divine promise. In a world promoting democracy and human rights. With their most avid allies advocats for the secular concept of states.

Every single code and resolution regarding refugees has been broken in this conflict, and people dearly holding homes' keys close to their heart (quoting the newspaper) scattered around the globe. I want to know, who pardoned the Jewish state from their truely divine duty of fixing what their hands have broken, and appointed it as a critic of the others!

Isreal doesn't have an identity issue.
They are not keenly aware of the demographic imbalance that will result from returning lands to their owners.
Israel is not afraid of liquidating the Jewish state in a sea of Palestinians.

They have no issues! that's why they have time on their hands to look at the dilemma that this situation is imposing on Lebanon & Jordan!

I personally don't mind considering Jordan, Lebanon & Palestine a single country. I also don't mind having a Jew as my neighbor in my home town in Haifa, as long as I and he have the right to vote for a government under the same rules!... The question is, is that OK for the Israelites?

Find below, a link to the original article on Haartz website.

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