Atlantis On Fire!!

This is not Atlantis of Plato!! It's Atlantis of Dubai. The new resort scheduled to be open to public by end of September 2008!

It was built to resemble the mythical beauty and greatness of the civilization of Atlantis, which ended by some kind of a one-day destruction scheme!.

But our guys here in Dubai got a little bit confused, they started the other way around. See, Atlantis the civilization prospored and then was destroyed, but here they started the other way around! The damn thing caught fire! According to Gulfnews, and you can follow that by clicking the link, the building caught fire today at 7:02 am. I work few kilometers away and couldn't see it.

This place is going to be extra cool! It is supposed to be open on September 24, and I'm seriouslt thinking of enjoying my Eid holiday there! So, they better fix everything on time!

Something I also find very interesting, is that there were 9 major fires in Dubai between March 23rd and September 2nd! This was not the case in 2007! You know what, I think their construction works' pace is finally taking its toll on them!

Awaiting Atlantis, and the Eid Holidays!

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