Ms Livni! Congratulations

Livni edged out Mofaz to the prime minister position in Israel.. This should be a very interesting peace in the news for the peace-high Palestinian! It said that Ms Livni is a moderate. The question is, how liberate she needs to be to be able to commission a peace treaty!? Look at Olmert, he seemed like a decent enough guy. But no such luck!

“The national responsibility (bestowed) by the public brings me to approach this job with great reverence,” Ms Livni said, shortly after official results were announced.

I personally think she should be proud. After all she was chosen by the people of her country. What an honour indeed.
Associated press describes Ms Livni as:

"A fast-rising star in Israel’s political firmament, Ms Livni is Israel’s lead negotiator in peace talks with the Palestinians and a rare female power figure in a nation dominated by macho military men and a religious establishment with strict views on the role of women. A lawyer and former agent in the Mossad spy agency, she is eager to continue the low-decibel diplomatic efforts."

She is indeed a heroine in her people's eyes! Did everything to protect her country, and to work in its best interest! No matter what her ideological background she is a heroine of the Israelis.

And though it remains unclear whether Ms Livni makes the cut, or fails in striking any meaningful deal with the arabs (Purposefully or unpurposefully!), it remains a fact, that we need more people like her in the arab world's governments!!

Picture by Ronen Zvulun/ Reuters

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