The American elections: The favourite Saga of 2008

For the past few months arabic main news channels like Jazeera & Alarabiya have been excessively interested in the American presidential elections! Well, I can understand it's their job. I mean it's what news channels do.

But what I find very interesting is their genuine belief that arabs are very interested in the issue.

Now, being an arab citizen I'll just say what I think about it. Other arabs might have different opinions, but something tells me that most of us have basically the same idea. I think it's a waste of time.

For me, it is a useless coverage and an utter waste of resources for the channels and for the ATP levels in the debators bodies. Whether it is going to be Obama or McCain it won't make a difference. Both had, and at many different occasions, asserted their full support for Isreal. Its right to exist, and to defend it self. Torturing palestinians in the process! Their views on Iraq might be slightly different, but that difference is mainly important to the mothers and fathers of those soldiers located in Iraq at the moment. But for Iraqis, the country has been robbed, and people have been killed. The whole country is living in chaos, and all the resources (mostly oil) have been secured for the good of Uncle Sam!

Sudan, Libya, Lebanon, Syria... It's the same old story. There is really nothing new that any of these two guys can or will bring to the table. And so, for me I think it's going to be the same miserable results that we've been digesting for the past decades!

They are two faces for the same coin! Or as some people would say SSDD (Same S**T, different day) !! you can exchange the DAY by DUDE in the last D.

It will remain meaningless unless all arab citizens were allowed to vote!! And they should be. After all, The US government is behaving like a global police officer, with employess assigned to each country to work as a president!! Really, it is very important! What if the guy has my country on the top of his list of countries to invade! I must have a say in that. Am I right or am I right?

It is democracy which they are promoting, right? I want to exercise my right!

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