Olmert grows a conscience

"The state of Israel does not allow pogroms against non-Jews," Olmert said. Speaking at the weekly Cabinet meeting, he said settlers who take the law into their own hands will be punished." Ehud Olmert.

Strong words from the prime minister soon to be the X. Certainly, it's kind of him to say that, but the question is; would he have said that provided he stayed the prime minister of the Israeli state for a longer time!

Then comes out Yisrael Meidad, and says that Olmert is blaming the wrong side!

"Violence begets violence, and in my indication and sources, the violence started from the Arab side," He said.

I wonder if Yisrael Meidad had in mind the past 60 years, and the thousands of palestinians who were killed all across Palestine, and those who are currently being starved to death in Gaza when he said that.

I'm all for his theory. However, he needs to remember that this theory works both ways. So, you can not blame the palestinians for the settlers' madness, and blame them for the rockets they fire at the settlements next to Gaza, after being seiged, killed, and starved by the israeli "defence" army.

Even a cat would go violent, if you put it in a corner, and make it feel that its kittens are threatened! Let alone being killed.

So, no applause for Olmert, because it's a little bit too late!

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