Salik, The Immaculate RIP OFF!

The human mind has always been the most powerful tool in the universe. It's ability to invent & re-invent is the reason why I'm sitting in front of what is called a laptop, clicking on what is called a keyboard, to upload my thoughts on what is called a blog!

However, throughout history, this mind has been used to come up with tricks and schemes to disguise evil plots!!
New two Salik gates have been installed on the streets of Dubai! You know, since the last two worked perfectly, two more will kiss traffic jams goodbye!

It used to take me 60 minutes to drive home from work (26 km), after the first Salik gates were installed It was reduced to 55 minutes. And so, as you can see, I'm totally convinced that two more Salik gates will probably give me 5 precious minutes more!! for 4 AED!

I'll pay 480 AED/month for 300 minutes/month!! ...

Talk about value for money!

Dubai will make in excess of USD 240,000,000/ year out of this!

Talk about ideas for money!


On a different level, Jordan is sending experts to UAE to help them in setting up a system for Tax collection, as UAE is planning to introduce a VAT tax starting 2009! I just hope that as part of the mutual cooperation UAE don't send experts from RTA (Road & Transport Authority) to Jordan!! Beacuse our government will LOVE IT!!

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