Analysis: Arabs' contribution to the global economy

Arabs contribute 6% of the total headcount of the human race, and throughout history this group had their fingerprints on some of the biggest achievements of the human race. However, during the past 70 years, I would say, arabs have gone through one of the worst periods of their long history. In a materialistic and all the more Capitalist world, it would be interesting to look at the arabs contribution to the world’s economy.

The table below shows the population’s contribution to the global economy’s growth (USD of profit/ person). The data is collected from Forbes magazine (Economical), and CIA Factbook (Population), and the computation is done by me. The table includes all Arab countries with companies ranked among the world’s top 2000, plus some, and not all, countries considered as key players in world’s economics.

The Anlysis:

1. Arabs (6% of the world’s population) contribute 41 companies (2%) of the world’s biggest 2000 companies.
2. Switzerland, with a 7.5 million population, contributes 37 companies compared to the 41 that 400 Arabs contribute.
3. The US contributes 30% of the total number of companies!! With 5% of the world’s population.
4. Israel with 0.1% of the population contributes 0.5%.
5. Jordan with 0.092 of the population contributes 0.05%. I personally think this is great!! If you consider how little resources the country have!! As compared to the GCC countries which contributed 35 companies, or when compared to huge countries like Egypt & Morocco!
6. The Swiss are awesome!!

I wouldn’t go into more details of the figures!! It’s pretty obvious. But the point is, we must do better!! .

Top ten companies!!

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