Best Global Brands 2008, The power of the brand

I’ve always been amazed by the way brands impose themselves on one’s choice. I’ve always heard, and sometimes actually uttered the question; why would I buy a T-shirt for 800 AED ( around 218 USD)? It can not be that good?!?! I always realize that the best answer is THE BRAND!

So, what does that mean? My friend says, that driving a Mercedes-Benz is a status Symbol! That means, it marks your rise to a certain social status. Just like wearing a Rolex, carrying around a Louis Vuitton, or a wearing a Lacoste Polo shirt (Funny, I just called it a Polo shirt. Good for Ralph Lauren!!).

So, the list is there for all of you socialites & brand-oriented to pick your brands, and stick to the right stuff!

According to Interbrand, Coca-Cola sits on the top of the list with a brand value of (66,667,000$), and from second to fifth you can find (IBM, Microsoft, GE & Nokia). Now, I wouldn’t go through the full list, but I want to point out some very interesting findings.
Apple is at 22! Rising rapidly from 34. This is actually an indication of the rising power of apple in the face of Microsoft’s monopoly-like approach to the market.

Google Jumped 10 places from the twentieth to the tenth position! What a jump! I personally think they would do a lot better, if they make their homepage more interactive just like yahoo.

Marlboro dropped four spots from 14 to 18, which begs the question, are people getting more aware of the risks of smoking, or is it just my imagination?

H&M the apparel brand made it to spot 22 as debutant! Again, as a DEBUTANT! Now, that is impressive.

HSBC of HSBC holding, dropped four spots to 27, despite being the biggest company in the world.

Thomson Reuters came 44th, a big jump from the 76th place in 2007, I think the merger had a big influence on the rank.

Merrill Lynch, the troubled company fell down 12 spots!! 22 to 34. It definitely doesn’t help their case.

IKEA is in spot 35. Good for them.

Ford drops 8 spots to 49, Blackberry is a debutant at 73.

Surprisingly, Marriot, Visa, Ferrari, FedEx & Giorgio Armani are also new debutants!!

Nintendo is there while Playstation is not!! Sony, however, is at 22!

Finally, McDonald’s remains in spot 8. I guess people still like Junkie stuff!!

For the full list follow the link below.

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