Time Management

I read an article about the time management in the Gulf Financial Insider (GFI) magazine; it’s called The End of Time Management by Richard Khoch.

Now here is the thing, I’m not going to re-write the article or even summarize it; I’m just going to feature some lines from the article.

If we doubled our time on the top 20 per cent of activities, we would work a two-day week and achieve a 60 per cent more

Strive for excellence in few things, rather than good performance in many

Target a limited number of very valuable goals, rather than pursuing every available opportunity

The road to hell is paved with the pursuit of volume

All it takes is an understanding of the cost of complicity (or the value of simplicity)

The way to create something great is to create something simple

Focus on providing a stunning product and service in the 20 per cent of the product line that generates 80 per cent of the profit

Now, this article was written on the principle of 80/20, which means – as I understood from the article – that the most important 20 percent of your product generates 80 per cent of your profit.

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