Coldplay STORM Abu Dhabi!!

One of the most interesting things that one can do in his/her life would be to do something you know you'd enjoy after a long wait. Now, doing that in one of the most awkward and unlikely circumstances adds that edge to it and makes it even more wonderful!

Coldplay, which in my opinion is one of the best rock bands ever were in Abu Dhabi last weekend. This band is one who successfully built I unique sound for themselves and produced some songs that became anthems like Yellow and Fix you! And no, these are not the sugar-coated anthems you think about. So in case you were one of those who had the pleasure of watching Coldplay live you'll know what I mean!

Chris Martin has this unique ability of acting dorky in an adorable way! The guy connects with his crowd in an effortless fashion! Certainly he was helped by how great their songs are and how genuine their fans are! I actually attended an Akon concert here in Dubai and I don't remember a single song he did! I was enjoying the crowd, my group, and that dance floor hanging from a 15-storey crane! But with Colplay everything felt right! Their music, Chris Martin's antiques, the beautiful lighting system and the huge crowd! 15,000, Gulfnews reported the next day!

Now, imagine this coupled with thunder storms and amazonic rain!! in freaking UAE!! It's almost poetic! I remember I was soaking wet, and I looked like an idiot but I loved every minute of it! Chris asked the crowd to stick around in spite of the rain, but I really don't think he needed to! The only people who might have thought of running away were those sitting in the VIP section, because the rain ruined their dream of a Ragheb Alama like concert with people rounding dinner tables and a cheesy Haifa giving her butt to the crowd!

One funny thing though was that Chris thought that the crowd would be insulted because he couldn't speak arabic! Little did he know, which was a bit awkward, that more than half the crowd was made of non-arabs! Still he threw around some words like Shukran, ma alsalama, ahlan wa sahlan and key-fuck!!

To their credit, Mercury Rev, the opening act did a good job as well. Their music took time to be digested by my ears but I can't say they were bad. Their lead singer, however, needs to be told that if he is planning to act dorky, he better be as famous and successful as Chris Martin to get away with it! Also, that flying eagle thingy he did, or whatever you want to call it, was not cute! But hey, what do I know?! In few years time they'll probably produce a masterpiece and after that no matter how idiotic they will look, it will still look coool.

All in all it was an unforgettable night, and probably a once in a lifetime experience! Next concert should be Matchbox Twenty or U2


Saad said...

oh man, it was a great concert, but i disagree with you about the opening band, they suck, it's just the last song that i thought i might listen to if it was on the radio, but anyway chris has made it up to us...

Ali said...

I agree with Saad, the opening band sucked, but there was only one problem in the concert that almost ruined it for us, it's the old couple sitting behinde us with too little kidds, they come to a rock concert and they expect people to sit on on their seats like and cheer like it's book club or something, but thank god they left early...