Miles Away.. Decades Behind!

Warning: No good vibes in this post. The main purpose for it is to bitch and moan about the subject matter. So, if you don't want to be put down, don't read it.

Now that you have been warned, my main reason for this post is basically to complain about an area that, for me, is major cause of distress and suffocation!


I stated in numerous occasions to my friends living in Sharjah that under no circumstance will I be going there for a visit or to spend some time. It was due to the rediculously screwed up traffic for the most part. But today reality hit me. The moment the skyline of Sharjah welcomed us and we dived into the hellish traffic of Sharjah I suddenly became depressed! It surprised me because five mintues ago as we were crossing Garhoud Bridge overlooking Festival City on the right, and Grand Hayyat on the left I was happy and dandy. It's amazing how this city changes my mood into one that is suitable of a grumpy old fart who lost his wife to cancer and was abandoned by his six kids.

The first thing that welcomes you into Sharjah is a chaotic skyline. Towers that seem to be stemming out of nowhere, so random that you find it hard to imagine what network might put them all together. inexplicable 10:00 pm traffic, and raodworks that you know damn well will not lead to any remedy. I can't imagine the meeting in which the "City Planners" have sat to come up with the grandest of plans to make this a metropolitan! They stuffed hundreds of thousands of people in a couple of square kilometers adjacent to Dubai to harvest as much as they can from those who can't afford a living in Dubai. No horizon, no air to breathe and countless number of small time shops adding to the overwhilming fuzzy atmosphere of this place.

It seems to me that Sharjah was builts to bring together the worst of Riyadh and Cairo. Mind you, I never went to Cairo, but it is my imagination that those rotting buildings standing for decades in the old and crushed district of Cairo can't be any worse. And since I was born in Riyadh I can say that they remind my of those concrete blocks gracing NOT the city! Lively? it sure is. But, you get the feeling that this city is a combination of Bat'ha in Riyadh, Al Balad in Amman and a refugee camp somewhere in Irbed!

A jungle of Concrete. This is exactly what it is. No parking, no traffic flow, no beautiful buildings, no grace whatsoever. Ironically, if you go and visit the Lake "a.k.a EL Buhaira" this article will be what you call a Phu Phuck Lai! A new level of lying.

But it's not. It really isn't. Apologies for all those who live in Sharjah, but I can't deny that the moment I step foot in that city I feel like I need a session with Dr. Phil!!

Can you imagine the desparation!!

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Adel said...

I don't know the place but you made it sound like hell :))