YouTube to show full length movies

A new era in YouTube’s life is coming soon, YouTube to show full length movies, the Financial Times reported on Friday the 17th of April. This comes with the huge afforts made by the parent comapny Google to win over the proffisional content producers, and to make real money from the most clicked site on the World Wide Web.

“We’ve been looking for a business model where the content owner is happy and making money,” Mr Schmidt told the Financial Times on Tursady.

The new business idea will be to show the full length movie with adds included in the movie, and the profit will be split between YouTube and the producing studio, a deal like that has been signed between YouTube and Universal Studios earlier this month.

The largest studio involved in making a partnership deal with YouTube is Sony, but this deal is different, since Sony has it’s own web cast site, Crackle. Sony will offer only 15 movies including dated materials, and the movies will play on Crackle not on YouTube, Sony will also control the adds which will appear every 10 minutes.

So finally Google has figured a way to make money out of YouTube!


Adel said...

Man i think they are already making loads of money. This is just a little extra. It's not going to be practical in most of the world as the speed connection is not that good. Only americanns and europeans will use it probably

Ali said...

Adel, how are they making money out of youtube?