Formula 1 Experience

In the beginning I wasn’t sure I want to watch the race, I just bought the ticket because it’s happing in the country I’m living in so I thought why not, let’s go.

Everyone told me it’s boring in the circuit, you get to see only a small part of the whole race, cars’ engine are so loud that you ears will hurt for the next 3 days, buy the ear-plugs or die, it’s very hot so the time is better spent on the “beach”, ..., and more and more on these words, but I thought I will go anyway since it’s happening and I’m there.

The reality was completely different; the race was so exciting even though you see only part of it, ear-plugs? It’s the biggest mistake one can make when going to such an event, the cars were loud, I agree, but the engines’ sound is a vital part of the experience, and it’s the next day now, and you know what? My ears don’t hurt, we spent a couple of hours under the direct sunlight but it was totally worth it.

This is the most interesting and exciting sport event that I’ve ever been to, and I will be going every time it happens in this area, Abu Dhabi is coming on November, book your ticket now, it’s one of kind experience.

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