The 5 Monkeys Theory

Once a scientist wanted to do an experiment on behaviour trends and how it develops with time, so he got 5 monkeys and put them in a cage, he places some bananas on the top of the cage and put a ladder in the cage, one monkey tried to reach the bananas, and at once the scientist aimed a water hose and fired very cold water at the other 4,he scared them to death.

Next, another monkey tries to reach the bananas and the scientist did the same thing, after sometime and couple of cold water hits, he found that whenever a monkey tries to reach the bananas, the other monkeys will hit him hard and keep him from reaching the banana.

Next, he took one of the monkeys out and let another one in, let’s call the new monkey XY. The moment XY gets into the cage, he goes up the ladder to get the banana, but the other monkeys still remember the cold water torture, so they jump and start hitting him to ban him from reaching the banana, after a couple of tries and some really hard hits XY learned that if he tries to get the banana he will be hit hard by the other monkeys, although none of them wants the banana, he doesn’t understand why he’s being hit, he just knows it will happen.

The scientist continued on the process of taking out one monkey and adding a new one and the same thing happened all the time with all the new monkeys and even XY was hitting the new comers even though he doesn’t know why.

After taking out all the monkeys that have been tortured with the cold water and placing new monkeys in the cage, and even repeating this process until he changed the group twice (of course one by one he does it) the same thing kept happening.

Now, none of the new monkeys has been tortured with the cold water, so none of them knows why he is defending these bananas, but they still do it anyway, because they are used to it and they saw the late ones doing it, and also each one of them get hit at least once because he tried ti reach the bananas.

Get it?!


kinzi said...

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Ehab said...


It sure is an important thing to discuss, and im actually excited that someone is raising a flag and asking poeple to join the campaign..

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awaiting your emaail.

khalid jarrar said...


Adel said...

This is why all arab rulers are afraid of israel. they don't really know why. they are just MONKEYS!

Anonymous said...

That theory is awesome. The scientists who carried out that theory definitely didn't leave out any detail.

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Whatever this theory is intended to find is going to be a plus for the new generation to carry and learn about new discoveries.

Anonymous said...

We need to change our thinking about some ideas that we don't know anything why exactly we do it,we must change our mentalities and do not juSt imitate what we see we must anlyse our actions and asking our self why we do that?and for what?