The World's Worst Places to Work

A friend e-mailed me a part of an article about the world’s worst places to work, so, I had to go search for the full story to see what’s going on.

It’s an article published on the businessweek magazine about a study made by ORC (a HR consultancy company) about the cities that fall in the hardship tag.

Now, before I go and list these cities, I have to say that this article is not fair, not because the cities don’t fall in the hardship tag, but because of the reasons it was chosen for.

There it is starting from number 1;

No. 1 Lagos, Nigeria
Overall Grade: Very High Risk Location
Severe Problems: Infrastructure, Crime
Major Problems: Pollution, Disease & Sanitation, Medical Facilities, Availability of Goods and Services
Other Problems: Climate, Education Facilities, Physical Remoteness, Political Violence & Repression, Political & Social Environment, Culture & Recreation

There's no more challenging place on ORC's list than the largest city in Africa's largest country. Lagos not only has a severe crime problem and extremely poor infrastructure, the city has inadequate housing, sanitation, and medical facilities. Moreover, according to ORC, "the risk of being caught up in sectarian violence is another concern."
I’ve never been there, but from what I see in the news, that might be true.

No. 2 Jakarta, Indonesia
Overall Grade: Very High Risk Location
Major Problems: Pollution, Disease & Sanitation, Medical Facilities, Political Violence & Repression, Political & Social Environment, Crime

Indonesia may be holding up better than many other developing countries during the global recession, but that doesn't make life in Jakarta much easier for expatriates moving there. Despite problems common to many Third World cities—risk of disease, poor sanitation, and excessive pollution—the Indonesian capital "can be an enticing location," according to ORC. However, Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim country and has suffered several high-profile attacks by Islamic terrorists targeting foreigners. "The threat of violence, from Islamic extremists in particular, is a serious drawback to living here," says ORC.
Now, I see where they are coming from, “IT’s THE WORLD LARGEST COUNTRY” I don’t have to say more, guess who’s next!!

No. 3 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Overall Grade: Very High Risk Location
Severe Problems: Political Violence & Repression, Political & Social Environment
Major Problem: Culture & Recreation Facilities
Other Problems: Housing, Climate, Disease & Sanitation, Education Facilities, Physical Remoteness, Communications

No surprise here. Life in the Saudi capital is not easy. "The possibility of a terrorist attack is an ongoing threat," according to ORC, "while wide-ranging restrictions on dress, movement, conduct, food, alcohol, travel, and communications limit expatriate life." The city is especially hard for foreign women. Finally, adds ORC, "violating the country's strict moral religious codes is a particular danger in this conservative city."
I agree, life there is hard, I’ve tried it, but not because it politically violent, especially for the Americans and Europeans, it’s because after work, there is absolutely nothing to do there but to kill yourself out of boredom.

No. 4 Almaty, Kazakhstan
Overall Grade: Very High Risk Location
Major Problems: Pollution, Disease & Sanitation, Medical Facilities, Physical Remoteness
Other Problems: Housing, Climate, Education Facilities, Infrastructure, Communications, Culture & Recreation

The remoteness of Almaty, largest city in Kazakhstan, is one of the city's biggest problems as far as outsiders are concerned. Other significant hardships include pollution, the threat of disease, and poor medical facilities. "Inadequate infrastructure, substandard housing, crime and difficulties with communications are additional drawbacks," says ORC.
I can’t argue with that, I don’t know anything about Kazakhstan, not even from the news.

No. 5 Mumbai, India
Overall Grade: High Risk Location
Major Problems: Pollution, Disease & Sanitation, Infrastructure, Political Violence & Repression
Other Problems: Climate, Medical Facilities

India's financial capital has some of the country's best architecture, restaurants, and museums. It also has some of the worst slums, traffic jams, and security problems. "While some may be energized by the hustle-bustle of this cosmopolitan city and by its beautiful setting," writes ORC, "many more are likely to be overwhelmed by its crowded and chaotic conditions and by the poor sanitation and violence."
I don’t know about that either, but I saw some photo’s of Mumbai and I have friends who’s been there, and they all say it’s like every other city, it has some good places and some bad ones to be.

I will settle for the top 5 and will add the link to the full article at the end of the post.

It’s really annoying that they kept on using high crime risk as one of the top reasons, it’s not that London or New York has the lowest crime rate in the world!

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