Beautiful Morning

Today I woke up early in the morning at around 8, had my coffee, smoked a couple of cigarettes before I dare to open the window blinds and look outside, as it’s usually dusty here, I thought it would be another lousy weekend, but to my surprise, the weather was great, sky was clear, no dust in the air, and it’s not so hot.

What a beautiful morning, after a stressful week at work, I must go out and have breakfast somewhere “on the beach”, since I live on one of the smallest islands in the world, you would think that is actually what I should be doing everyday.

Moving on, I jumped in the car and drove all the way to my friend without even calling him, because I know he would be sitting in the same sh…place to have his morning sheesha, it’s a great morning, which is something that doesn’t happen a lot in Bahrain, and all he want’s to do is to sit and have sheesha and post some videos on FaceBook.

Anyway, we had breakfast and did some boring stuff, then I drove him home, and was going home too, but then I decided not to was this beautiful gift, so what to do? Of course hit the beach! But then again I hit another wall; I live on an ISLAND where there is no public beach, not even one.

I really wanted to seize the moment, I really wanted to enjoy this lovely day, so, I went to one of the clubs that enjoys having a “beach” and was ready to pay $60 to enjoy a 20 meters beach, and I’m not kidding here, it’s really just 20 meter, and guess what, they didn’t let me in because weekends are just for members!

So I went home mad, frustrated, and here I am lying on my couch, writing this boring story, and asking myself after each word I write, why the hell am I writing this?

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saad said...

oh man, i know what you are talkin about, i've been to bahrain once, man you can't do anything in this country other than getting drunk!!!

it's really not a morning country!!!