The Seven Arab Girls You Should Never Date

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This one is inspired by the post at, which in turn is inspired by the one at!! But since the purposes of dating vary hugely, and since I would assume that the purpose implicitly stated in the previously mentioned posts is a long lasting relationship, then I will build the list based on that assumption. Because honestly speaking, the list might become the most wanted in case you were looking for something else.

It is also worth mentioning that I didn’t try to categorize girls based on their favorite hangout, hobbies, clothes, or upbringing background, but more on their mentalities.

I’m not sure whether the point I’m trying to make here is clear to everyone, or is it just clear in my head. Anyway, there goes nothing. Below is a list of eight girls you should not date in Amman.

1.The “ENNU” girl!! a.k.a The “I WAS LIKE” girl:

Boosted with a couple of private school years under her belt and a self-induced feeling of sophistication, she sticks the above mentioned words/phrases in every sentence replacing all punctuation marks. She thinks that the world revolves around her, and that guys would die at her feet just because she knows how to say Oh My God and she remotely resembles Europeans. She spends her time hours on end gossiping with her equally light-headed friends, usually about the other group of her light-headed friends and vice versa. She is usually rich.

She usually wears shades that cover half her face, and makeup covering the other half. Has more bags than an airport belt and relentlessly brag about her love for shoes.

2.The feminist:

-And no, by definition, not all females are feminists- Usually she’ll smack you with a speech about how women are equal to men, and how they can perform almost all tasks and duties a man can do! For obvious reasons, she will not come to mention semen. She will use every chance to mention her passion for work, and the nightmares about marrying a guy who will stop in the way of her career. Usually will complain about guys manners in queues, buses and restaurants because they don’t behave as gentlemen towards women, and will make no secret of her desire to quit work a few years from marriage.. Sighting numerous reasons, one of which is the presence of the kid!

No single dress code usually fits the group. As it is more related to an age bracket.

3. The plastic girl:

Usually have done a couple of surgeries to enhance her assets! And as much as it is pleasing to us, all will become negligible next to the empty space between her ears. She thinks that cars and clothes are assets, and believes that a guy’s love is directly proportional to how much money leakage he is willing to accept. The most annoying treat in a man for her is; him being stingy.

What she is wearing? Brands, brands and more brands. And more brands.. and yet more brands

4. Shareefet Makka:

The girl whom you were the first to kiss!! Touch or, exercise any kind of foreplay with. Because according to her you are the first… but the truth is, there is a long line of firsts. Note: Virginity is not a measure, since this type of girls is so accommodating through other entry points.

5. The Ugly one: For obvious reasons

6. The age-conscious girl.

She is so insecure about her age, and about still being single. You can easily spot that type because they talk a lot about marriage, and their refusal to marry the first guy knocking at her door. She is keen on mentioning all suitors knocking on her door, and the reason why she allegedly “rejected” them. Reason for not dating her is simply because she will hook up with a monkey if he is coming close to raising a marriage LPO. Turn on your detectors around those older than 26, because this is the threshold for Jordanian girls. Usually it takes them 2-3 years after graduation to get over the career dream, and then they develop into men-hunters!

7. The “not so sure about this” girl:

Testy girls who want to make a challenge of every little thing. She wants you to get into her heart through a treasure hunt contest. Reason for not dating is simply because she should go fuck herself. There is a lot of fish in the sea, and it has been proved times and times again that it is not worth it!

The purpose of this post in not primarily to be funny… It has a point, and if you don’t get it, then you are beyond help.


Roba said...

Hehe, good job. I'm the feminist!

Maher said...

Shareefet Makka!!!!!!
Freaking Hilarious!
you just owned 99.9% of Arab girls!
*No offence ladies*

*Hi 5*

Ehab said...

No Roba, you are from an eighth type that I forgot to mention! :) .. The Married Girl :)

Ehab said...

Maher, 99.9% is too high man! .. you're making me lose hope :)

saad said...

why shouldn't we date a married woman?! hehehe, just kidding.

i like it and i agree with maher, it's 99.9%, ehab you're doomed.


Anonymous said...

this post is funny and smart, as you are Ehab.

but it upset me tremendously by mentioning shareefat makka, ok any girl that allows any guy to practice any forplay with her before marriage deserves to be put in the zone of questioned moralitiy, fine. even if it really was her first time.

but there is something i ddnt like at all in the notion, it sort of says that all women have tried it before, all women are not sharefat etc. i don't like that notion at all. and it doesn't say good thing about you too.

men that are not sharefeen themsevles, tend to think that all women are not shareefat, because he has seduced and went out with so many girls, he now believes all women are seducable and any girl would agree to go out with him. not good.

the "go fuck herself" part is a bit beyond funny its a bit volgur, coming from you Ehab, a good guy by nature. i know its tempting to say such expressions, but you are better than that.

other than that the post was funny. the first girl reminded me of a blogger i used to read was named rambling hal, i dont know fi she is still around, the feminst reminded me of roba, true, i do read her too.

believe it or not, ehab. there are really some girls out there, that are shareefat for real, and the mere idea of dating you would be a total no no and strike you off the list of men she would want to marry. shareefat in the real sense of the word, since we often use that word to express the opposite. shareefat 3afeefat. i have came across a bunch myself. the reason why you havent? becuase they dont hang out with guys.

when you plan to get married inshalla, i pray you will deserve one of them.

wish you all the best bro.


Ehab said...


First of all I'd like to say that your input is always welcomed. But I'd like to defend myself here :)

1. I didn't say that all girls are Shareefat makka! :) .. remember, this was one category out of eight :) .. and those eight were the ones you should not date. So the real honorable girls are not undermined here neither their number was dwarfed. I know that the term Shareefat Makka is a bit harsh and kind of ironic, but it is a coined term courtesy of my fellow jordanians and using it conveys the message faster than any other term :).

Besides, I'm not here to judge girls on who is honorable and who is not. If you noticed, I said something in the course of don't date the one who says it's her first time because in 99.9% of the cases she is lying!.. Now, God judges people and decides who is honorable or not, not me :).

2. for the Fuck Part! :).. Well, if you noticed I don't use that term very much. However, this whole post was instigated by something and as I said, it's supposed to be a message. Not to somebody in specific, but to a new brand of girls who superceded the hypocrisy they hated about men, and became even more superficial in judging guys than the guys they hate judging girls!..

That in mind, I'd like to reserve the right to use that term once in awhile because that type of girls actually deserve it! :)

So, and I know you wouldn't like it, and I know that it's something I don't do a lot!!.. But I still think she should go fuck herself.

Either way, I really appreciate your comment, it made me realize that I need to give extra thought to what I'm writing because some people actually read it. I won't change who I am, but I'll keep it in mind.

Thanks again Khalid

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Anonymous said...

You forgot one. The Arab girl who completely rejects any and all Arab boys because she knows "99.9%" of them are mama's boys with their hands in daddy's bank account.

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