Experiencing the Ugly side of Yourself

You know these days in which you feel you have transformed into a grumpy old fart! You feel like you've abruptly grown 60 years in age without knowing when the metamorphosis happened. Such days make you want to stay away from everyone because quite frankly you are not very fond of yourself.

All of a sudden I have a headache and acidity in my stomach which is something that happens once in a decade! I feel like throwing up and my bladder starts working its magic to add a cherry to the cake! What a wonderful cake. I kind of feel like I've been stuck in this mood for the past centinnial, and more and more I feel like the best place to be is my bed! Or as my fellow jordanians coined it, in the Farsheh Club. Which means The Mattress Club in English.

Dusty weather is not helping, and the excorciating heat of Dubai is looming in the horizon reminding me and agonizing me for the wasted winter days.

Being the old grannie that I'm these days makes me notice things only Abu El Abed would notice! The tackiness of Diana Haddad's Haifa-esque
new clip. The stupidity of a discussion on how big or small lebanese asses are on a certain blog!. The tag of dominance a group of jordanians stamped on a neighborhood in Dubai, which is something I'll soon be sharing with you.

These days few things cheer me up. Watching Messi play! Listening to a nice song. Beating traffic on the way back from work, and having a moment for myself and away from everyone. But it'll soon be over! This is not me, and it shouldn&'t be. Something ought to happen and things will be back on track!... And since music was mentioned somewhere in this post, I think I owe it to myself and anyone who made it through the first paragraph and up till here to say that U2's new album SUCKS!Big time.

P.S. I'm posting this from my car in the parking lot of Burjuman!.. No status update to be published anytime soon because it's going to look ugly!! Cheers!

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