Poll Results: Is Obama's win a good news for the Middle East

66% of those who participated in the Poll posted on this website on whether Obama's win will be good news for the Middle East thought that Obama won't be any better than George W. Bush!

After all the saga surrounding these elections and all the hope that came with it, I think it is safe to say that the majority of Middle Easterns realize that Obama will make no difference whatsoever in their lives!! Iraqis, Palestinians or Afghanis better not count on him to sort out the mess inflicted on them by the US army or Israel!!

I have to say that 18 votes is not a big indication of the region wide opinion, but Obama wasted no time to confirm my theory and those who voted with his deafening silence towards the Holocaust the Palestinians are suffering on the hands of Israel!!

Only 16% thought that Obama can be a positive influence, and move the region towards the change it desperately needs!


Sana said...

The more important question is whether the fact Americans voted for Obama signals a positive shift in American attitudes towards a variety of issues including the Middle East.

Ehab said...


Your point is valid. But the question is what was in the minds of Americans when they chose him?

Americans wanted change in so many things! Financial crisis, huge debt and so many internal issues.

One also can rightfully suggest that this American elections were run in a similar way to American Idol!! It was so exciting for Americans to choose something new! A black guy defying the stereotypes! a young guy! A democrat after eight horrible years of republican rule!

Obama, is like the new Kurt Cobain for American! So you may be right in saying it signifies the change in American's attitude towards many things, but how sure are you that the Middle East is a significant factor in it?

After years of being attacked and questioned by so many people in the world because of their government's policies, now the Americans can boost about their ability to change things!

I personally predict that if in few years time Arnold the governer for California runs for presidency he will win! Simply because it is exciting for the Americans to see an an Austrian actor who barely knows how to speak in English and who sucked as an actor become the president of the United States! Something unexpected! A new American Idol!

Sadly, the American dream has come down to this!