A Look At The World Leaders’ Standings Of Gaza Crisis

The Arab leaders, no need to talk about it, we all know where they stand.

Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, as always, against the US and “Israel”, but this time he didn’t just condemn what they are doing, he went one step further and expelled the “Israeli” ambassador in Venezuela, and to give him the credit, HE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO’S DONE THAT.

France, surprisingly confused, there president first condemns the attack and blames “Israel” for the crisis then, goes and change his mind blame both sides, then he goes and supports the “Israeli defensive” operation.

Britain, very surprisingly, they condemn the attack, and that’s it.

Turkey, great effort to end this crisis without any support from any country what so ever.

The European Union, the president, Czech Republic, obviously understood the game but they played it wrong, in the first day of it’s presidency, they went and announced their complete support to “Israel”, while France and Britain went and said that is not the European standing, a novice move Czech, you’ve got to practice more politics, I would suggest an intensive induction program in the US.

The US, I have to separate them into two parties, old monkeys and the monkeys to be.
Bush and his people, total support, absolute idiotic (as always) rudeness.
Obama and his people are WORRIED.

Russia is busy with a $2 billion crisis with Ukraine, although I think they are making a longer term point here, but let’s wait and see, it could be really about money.

Germany, not a word.

Of course that’s not all, but I’m really sick of talking about how worthless we are to the world, so I’m going to stop here without any hope that things will change.

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