Sevilla Player Fined for Showing Solidarity with Palestine











Josep Guardiola, the Barcelona coach, has joined the growing list of people to criticise the recent fine handed out to Sevilla forward Frederic Kanouté.
Kanouté was fined €3,000 for revealing an undershirt in support of Palestine after scoring against Deportivo La Coruna in the Copa del Rey. Among those who consider the fine to be unjust is the current Barcelona coach.
Speaking to Sport, Guardiola said, "The fine is absolutely excessive. If they always banned these type of things, then journalists would not be able to write columns."
Pep finished by saying, "Every war is absurd, and too many innocent people have died for us to be fining people for things like this." The positive thing is that someone, albeit Muslim, had the guts to show solidarity with Palestine in Europe!! Moreover, A Spanish guy “Guardiola” Criticized the Football Association for fining him!



I wonder if someone would be fined for supporting Israel!!?



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