2 New Cell-Phone Uses

Once again cell phones prove to be useful for more than just making late night calls or sending funny messages. Scientists have added to more uses to the cell-phones.

The first invention was what the inventors called Key2safty. This new feature in the cell-phones, connects the car key and the phone using the Bluetooth and the wireless technologies to prevent talking or texting using the cell-phone while driving.

The second one is a system that gives people the ability to turn the street lights on when they need it, in order to save electricity costs. Three German towns have already started testing it by turning off street light late at night and require people to make a chargeable call to turn it on; the town of Legmo is one of these towns.

Isn’t that amazing? Whenever you wonder what’s next, the scientists are ready to answer your question. I just hope one day one of our scientists will be able to answer one of these questions, not working in the USA or Europe, but from one of the Arab universities.

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