It's all Christmassy in Dubai!!

In a world struck by a financial crisis, hunger, famine, war, and environmental decay it's nice to celebrate an occassion even if you don't directly relate to it!!

But then again, Christmas is like Eid. It's all about family, feeling blessed, giving gifts and receiving some if you are lucky! Never forgetting of course that during these occassions you can't fly anywhere unless you've made your booking a year ago!

In Dubai, Christmas is special! It is so because Dubai is, by definition, a Muslim city! Granted that 90% are expats, but the fact that Dubai like all other Gulf cities and states makes sure none of those lives the crazy dream of being a national, makes the freedom they have here exceptional!!

There is no census that gives you a breakdown of population by religion here, but you definitely can not call Muslims a minority here. Despite all of that, Christmas is being celebrated, and given so much attention that you can not find a single shoppiing mall that doesn't sport a HUGE and sparkling Christmas tree. It gives you a warm feeling. It makes "Merry Christmas" that you say to your Christian friends more meaningful.

Finally, I think the past couple of years, and the coming couple of years should be the perfect time to bring us together. December has been and will continue to be in few years to come a festive season for everyone! Starts with Eid Al Adha, then Christmas, then Islamic new year, and the The New Year!! You can hardly get any work done during this period, but it would be wonderful to see different people greeting each other, and wishing each other a blessed Eid or Christmas. Making new year's resolutions together, and exchanging gifts! Dubai is being underestimated and reduced into a wannabe business hub and a shopping destination! I personally think that it can do a great job breaking down the barriers and bridging the gaps! Make people see beyond the haze! Beyond Fox & Sky. Beyond Bush & Bin Lden.


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