Conclusion: What Muslims and Arabs can do for Palestinians!

At ease. Leave you pens, your keyboards. Drop your flags and
microphones. Don't marsh. Don't wear black ribbons, or change your
status on Facebook. Don't join groups for support.


Go back to your TV sets. Watch American Idol, you think you can dance,
Rotana, Melody, Porn, Cartoons, Football and Bab Elhara.

Run for your money, resume your diet, plan your New Year's Eve, go
shopping and jogging.

Campaign for Bahai's, women's, whales', seals', sharks', pandas' and
homosexuals' rights.

Get your PhD in Metaphysics or Horoscopes.

You might make a difference for a life, even if it was just yours.

In few years time we reach the bottom. Some dead, some numb, some
illiterate, some high, some drugged, some drunk, some whores, some
pimps, some thieves, some thugs, some rotten and overused rugs.
Dancers, strippers, honor brokers, and backstabbers. We'll live on
credit cards and the world' left overs. We'll fade away until there is

Then we'll be flushed out, and a new batch will come that will make us
more oblivion and insignificant.

They'll take on the world and take us off its feet! Rotten and stinky!

Leave them alone! Let them die. We all will.. But we do it after we
can no longer keep our beds dry! While they do it with their heads
held up high!

This is beyound desparation! It's a new level hopelessness and helplessness!

Long live Palestine, and to hell with the rest of us.

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