Shame On All Of You!!

Complete silence.. something I couldn't really explain. Five years ago when I had vertually no contact with Non-arabs it would've made sense to me. But now, I have many of them as friends and colleagues! On my facebook I have around 130+ friends, 40% of those are non-arabs. I noticed something interesting when I looked at the status updates of my friends!! Almost 90% of the arabs had shown some kind of interest in what is going in Gaza! However, none of the non-arabs wrote a single word. No condemnation, no sympathy, no empathy!! Nothing to show the least interest in 200 people dead in Gaza! They are not humans. They are not worthy of a kind word.
It's weird. Aren't they victims of some type of terrorism?! Aparently not!

Something else I don't understand is how thick faced people can get! How can they be so useless and irrelevant and at the same time act if they were the exact opposite!! Arab leaders have proved to me and millions that they are the most thick-faced people on the face of the Earth! Hated by their own people, looked at as dictators by their allies, and as useless even by Israel!! Nobody thinks they add value to human history except maybe their equally useless and destructive entourage!

Question for Hosni Mubarak. What are you still doing? Don't you feel ashamed? Don't you feel hated beyound imagination? Don't you feel sterile?! If I were you, I'd leave! Resign! quit! I think in almost quarter of a century you have managed to steal enough money to live as a GOD for the rest of your miserable life somewhere in this world! So leave! You and all your likes! All the species of sub-pigs and sub-humans!

I believe we've reached a point beyound diplomacy! No kind words can be said on those silent sheeps and equally silent monsters! 229 martyrs so far! and all I can hear is condemnation!

Congratulations to Israel. They've made history today! They have conducted one of their unique UN-sponsored massacres while the world watched!

Congratulations to Israel. They've just militarized millions of arabs now! And from now on, I won't apologize for or sympathize with any single casualty I see on TV! You've earned it.

It's so sad to have so much hatred inside you. But everything has a limit, and I've reached that limit. Israel have given me and millions like me an overdose of hatred enough to hate the world for a century to come!

Shame on the world... Shame on you...

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Jenna said...

No, people are too busy planning where they'll party away at New Years Eve...while Palestinians are too busy looking for places to bury their children. "fashatilly gulee" as we say in Jordanian.

All our Arab leaders will be asked about this day on the day of judgment...god will ask them about all the little children, mothers, and men that were killed today.

7asbunAllah wa na3ma Alwakeel.