Illinois governor arrested

The west and especially the USA keeps accusing the Arab governments of corruption and faulty acts, while it looks they are more corrupted than our governments, in the matter of fact I believe that you will not be able to be a big player in any government unless you are a big liar and prove that you can fool anyone at any time, I mean after all that’s what politics is all about.

The governor of Illinois was arrested on Tuesday and accused of trying to sell Obama’s senate seat. If you have enough money to buy the seat, you will be a player in the team, and if you show good skills and pay more money, who knows what position you might end up filling, maybe the “president”.

This incident brings to my mind the old saying “If you are living in a house of glass, don’t through stones on your neighbors’ windows”. But after all I have to be fair to the Americans, at least this guy has got arrested, will he be convicted? Depends on his relationships with the higher powers, which doesn’t seem to be strong as far as I read. But, how many of those got arrested in our countries? I’ve never heard of any. Who knows? Maybe we don’t have corruption….!!!!!!!

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