Israel Condemned by Human Rights Watch

Israel has been condemned by Human Rights watch for using drones to kill civilians during Gaza War. According to the report, Israel used unmanned aircrafts during the war in Gaza, and has unlawfully killed 29 civilians in the process.

You can read the full story here:

It's nice to see that someone is actually paying attention!! However, this raises some serious questions, and only the reaction of the International Community in the coming few weeks can answer them. Would Israel be condemned by the UN, or the Security Council? Would the US denounce the Israeli actions?! Would that change Israel's policies towards the Palestinians?!! If yes, then maybe the International Community including the US will retain some face, and along with it some of its lost credibility. Because I'm sure a lot would agree with me that the reaction of countries like the USA or the EU would be very predictable if the condemnation was targeting countries like Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Russia or any other arab country. I'm quite sure that the US will be limbering up and flexing its muscles in preparation for a new Holy war, or a set of davastating sanctions.

Naturally, Israel denied those allegations and accused Human Rights' Watch of being biased. Come on! for heaven's sake. How can people develop such thick faces!

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Saad said...

Ehab, I wanna tell you that i was happy too to hear that, but do you really believe it?!