Arabs! Come on... Give Israel a break!

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - The United States and its Western allies are
sounding out Arab governments to see if they might ease sanctions on
Israel if it stopped building Jewish settlements on Palestinian
territory, diplomats said on Friday.

As Washington presses Israel's new government on settlements in order
to unblock peace talks with the Palestinians, Israeli officials are
looking for benefits to show their own voters, and easing Israel's
isolation within the region could fit that bill.

This is the funniest and most rediculous "serious" piece of news I
read in a long time!!

Isreal is looking for some incentives to stop ILLEGAL expansion of
settlements in The West Bank!! This sounds exaclty like the kind of
request a thief and a murderer would ask from Police in order to stop
breaking the law! If you want me to stop stealing you need to make me
happy! Give me some money. Give me more access to your homes and then
I might, just might, decide to stop stealing from you.

I remember once upon a time Hamas was asked by the civilized and
lawful world to stop "terrorizing" the poor settlers in Sdirot "which
is built on top of a palestinian village's ruins" before they start
asking for their and the Palestinians' rights! I guess the concept
was, that you are allowed to ask for things ONLY when you are a good
boy!... But I guess Israel is the spoiled child of this world that can
get away with absolutely anything!

Yea man... It's a pretty screwed up world we live in!

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