A Brand New American Lie

We all remember the American invasion to Iraq, we all remember why that happened – according to the American government and the CIA- but still, I will remind you of the main reason president Bush gave us to justify this war. According to Bush, Iraq has developed mass destruction weapons, and he wanted to be the hero who saves the world from the Iraqi monster, he claimed he has the evidence before he went to the war and “convinced” the whole world that he is right.

Now, again everyone knows that it was just a lie; he didn’t have any evidence that Iraq has MDW, he confessed that the CIA has fooled him, and again, we all know that it’s just another lie to justify the first lie, it’s a stupid one though.

And yet again, the American government comes with a brand new type of lies, they claims that Saddam, the late Iraqi leader has lied to them and told them that he has developed MDW!!!!!! Yes they do. On the 2ed of July the BBC reported the US investigators have released documents of questioning of Saddam Hussein, it is documents and recordings of interviews and informal conversations he had when he was in the FBI custody in 2004!!!!!!!

The documents reveals that Iraq was so weak, and according to the FBI Saddam has refused to let UN investigators do their job because he thought that they will go and report to Iran that Iraq is so weak now and they will tell Iran where to hit to cause the maximum damaged!!!!!!

It continues to show that Saddam has identified the Iranian threat long time ago, he knew that Iran was developing nuclear weapons and he claimed has those weapons too and more to scare the Iranians, again !!!!!!!

So in the end, the CIA didn’t fool anyone, president Bush was a hero and he did want to save the world, and the rest of the world are just a bunch of idiots.

I really upload the Americans for their boldness, no matter what happens they still can’t admit they were wrong, and they still can find a way to tell us how fool we are, and they are the guarding angels of the earth, they really deserve to run a world full of idiots.

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