More than 40000 people are over 100 years old

Japan has decided to teach the world another lesson in survival, after the rise from WWII Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s inhuman attacks, they stood up, dusted themselves, worked really hard to come back as the world’s second biggest economy, but they didn’t stop there, they worked on their health also to stun the world with probably the healthiest people on earth (I don’t have any studies about that but it’s not so hard to figure it out), they have more than 40000 people over the age 100 years.

“TOKYO – The number of Japanese centenarians has doubled in the past six years to a record high of more than 40,000, with women dominating the list of those whose lives have spanned more than a century, the government said Friday.

Japan will have 40,399 people aged 100 or older this month, surpassing the previous record of 36,276 last year, the Health and Welfare Ministry said in an annual report marking a Sept. 21 national holiday honoring the elderly. More than 86 percent are women.

The number of centenarians in Japan has risen at an accelerating pace for nearly 50 years. The centenarian population surpassed 10,000 just 10 years ago, reached 30,000 in 2007 and grew another 10,000 in the past two years, the ministry said.
By 2050, Japan's centenarian population is expected to reach nearly 1 million, according to the U.N. projections.”

And why is that? The answer is below...

“Officials have stepped up programs that encourage older citizens to stay active and continue working. The government is gradually extending the retirement age to 65 from 60, and some advocate pushing it further to 70.

Japan has one of the world's longest life expectancies — 86 years for women and 79 years for men.”

Yes, the answer is work, we are fighting to lower the retirement age, because we don’t want to work, we want to sit there and die peacefully, they want to die in the field, working and producing, being useful, we want to import everything, we don’t want to invent we want to buy the ideas (and buy we I mean Arabs who live in the Arabic countries, ironically, those who live in other parts of the world are fine).

I’m not saying that we are stupid, not at all, we are not, we are just too scared to injure our brains if we think, because work is not part of our culture anymore, although in the past it was the center of our lives.

By MARI YAMAGUCHI, Associated Press Writer

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