The date 09.09.09 is now an important day in the history of the Arab nation, it’s the launching day of Dubai Metro, the first modern train in the gulf region.

Celebrating this day was a must on every Arab who lives in the gulf region; it shows that we are capable of adapting new and modern ideas, and as always Dubai is the pioneer in this, always giving us the hope that we can rise and take the place that we deserve on earth, giving us the hope that we might one day advance from the third world to the first world, the way we were before.

So, I was happy in that day and glued myself to Dubai One TV because I didn’t know when the ceremony will start, waiting waiting waiting,..., and finally it started, and what a shame, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, the officials were speaking English and there was no Arabic translator, I couldn’t believe it when an Egyptian reporter asked his question in Arabic, he got the answer in English, and to be fair, not good English, the English of a beginner, nothing professional in it,....

Why Dubai, why couldn’t you do it in Arabic and provided translators to the most important languages? What is wrong with speaking your own language?

YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LOOK LESS CIVILIZED IF YOU SPEAK ARABIC, or at least learn to speak good English.

Photo was taken by (Ali Haider / EPA / September 9, 2009)


Genki Dama said...

Is the metro cheap? Can u buy different options, like all day ticket for 10 euros or something?

I know dubai is in need of this to reduce the traffic or at least they needed that before the crisis!

I am living in UAE these days, and I want to use the metro for fun, but I am just asking to see if this is something really economic or is it going to be just for the sake of having a one!

I think it would be a good idea to connect the whole UAE with a one!

Ehab said...


Fares for Dubai Metro will range from a minimum of Dh1.80 to a maximum of Dh6.50 for a single journey..

You can get the full details reading the article at this link:

Happy metro-ing :)

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